- "it’s THE best way to start with when learning piano"

"Since reading your excellent Hack The Piano my head has been bursting with ideas on how to apply what I was reading to my piano playing. It took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary pop piano parts and that’s not to say that the approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to start with when learning piano! You obviously put lot of care and thought into it. It’s exactly what I was looking for!"


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Is This For Me ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Hack the Piano is a self-study program to learn Piano through a harmony approach. All lessons in its core program are carefully laid out for you to follow in a “course flow,” following our unique "Roadmaps." It starts at the very basics. It's perfect if you are a beginner, if you're just starting out with playing chords on piano, if you want to transition from playing sheets to playing by ear, or if you think you can learn something new about how to find any type of chord, play ‘em with broken patterns and color them with extensions.

What are Add-Ons?

The heart of our approach at Piano Lingo and Piano Couture is Hack the Piano. "Add-Ons" are extra Courses (mini-courses) and lesson-modules that add to-, enhance-, go deeper- and/or allow you to practice and apply the skills and knowledge from the course. There's song lessons, exercises, licks, specific-concept & advanced course modules. They are all taught following the Hack the Piano approach and are available in Piano Lingo's member area.

Which Songs are included?

Hack the Piano teaches fundamental concepts. It’s a global approach to really learn and understand music. This is not bound to (a) specific song(s). That is why we only guide and give suggestions, (there are even a few examples using songs AND you can unlock specific-, choose-your-own-song course packs as bonus packs inside Piano Lingo), but as soon as possible in the course YOU are left free to choose the songs you want to learn/practice with yourself. So the concrete answer: none, and and the same time - every song you can imagine.

Can I do this without a teacher?

Most definitely. It’s built as a complete self-study program. Moreover, it's like getting Coen as your private (group) teacher as he teaches a live-, interactive lesson every other week to all Hack the Piano students.

I want to learn how to accompany myself or my friend while singing, can I learn this?

YES! This -as well as other types of playing with others (for instance in a band), improvising and writing your own music- are some of the coolest things you can do with the material in this course.

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  •   100+ Example MIDI files
  •   All Chords / Scales Cheat Sheets
  •   Appendix (full course summary)
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